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Title Author(s)
Exkursionsbericht Neuseeland 2017
Report (Standard) (2017)
Lottermoser, Bernd Georg
Barnewold, Lars
Scharmann, Sebastian
Spürk, Sebastian
Berner, Max
Braun, Marius
Dammers, Markus
Hogg, Daniel
Kangowski, Paul
Lehnen, Felix
Matthäus, Antje
Rath, Benita
Synergy effects of discrete event simulation in university research and teaching of mining engineering
Abstract (2017)
Matthäus, Antje
Barnewold, Lars
Dammers, Markus
Validated computer assisted long- and medium term UG mine planning tool taking geological uncertainty into account and the ability to pre-sort and back-fill zero value material
Report (Standard, ResearchPaper) (2016)
Matthäus, Antje
Dammers, Markus
Benndorf, J.
Simon, C.
Pereira, M.
Soares, A.
Real-Time Data Supports Optimized Long-Term Mine Planning
Contribution to a conference proceedings (2016)
Matthäus, Antje
Dammers, Markus