Today, the waste storage advanced to one of the major environmental problems. Especially for industrial societies the protection of environment and human being is as important as raw material supply. After years of industrial increase the waste disposal at the end of the raw material chain became more and more important. Today is known that our ecological system will collapse if supply, consumption and disposal of raw materials are not coordinated. In spite of this knowledge and the continuous advising to the waste problematic, it seems that the majority of the people do not understand the acute waste problem and the responsibility which is linked to it. Underground disposal can playing an important role to solve the waste problematic.

Underground disposal constructions are planned and designed individually, because they were located always in different conditions. Therefore a comparison of different constructions and a universally valid standardization for security standards is complicated but especially a universally valid standardization for security standards can be the basis for acceptance within the population.

Supersystem AKUT
Supersystem AKUT

The Institute of Mining Engineering I has performed such a comparison of systems by order of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). According to a hierarchical arrangement the higher ranked system, the so-called Supersystem AKUT, is divided in three systems: waste, rock mass and mining and six subsystems. In addition, there are connections to different surrounding systems, so called “Umsysteme”

As a result, the method for an assessment of mining equipment (4 and 5) of underground waste disposal sites for chemical/toxical waste from a safe point of view, developed by the Institute of mining engineering I, provides a basis for an integral estimation of such sites.



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