Research Area Mining Engineering


The research area „Mining Engineering“ deals with engineering and economic issues along the entire value chain of a mining company. The goal of a reliable, efficient and economical supply of mineral raw materials can only be achieved under optimal process engineering and planning conditions. In addition to the main processes of surface and underground mining, areas of downstream processing, sales, questions of subsequent use and other technology fields related to mining are also included. A continuous further development of existing processes, the implementation and adaptation of new technologies and their application are the special focus of the research group. The potential of simulation studies and visualizations to support optimization tasks and planning questions has been verified through completed and ongoing projects and will be further developed in the future with new projects.

In the sense of sustainability, we focus on the efficient use of production resources, the reduction or avoidance of emissions, the responsible handling of natural deposits and environmentally stressed areas as well as safety at and in the workplaces of the industry. Taking into account the economic feasibility, practical solutions are developed, whereby the MRE both poses case-specific questions and contributes to solving global problems. Dynamic changes in supply and demand represent a major challenge for the adjacent value chains. The MRE conducts research in this complicated field between entrepreneurial problems and offers expertise in all aspects of the complex market situations in the raw materials industry.

The interdisciplinary composition and the close exchange with the research area Mineral Resource Science also allow unconventional solutions and their successful implementation. The close contact between graduates and doctoral candidates to the industry is the basis of exceptionally good communication and has led to a large number of successfully completed research and industrial projects in the past.

The competences of the research area are bundled in two research groups:

  • Mine Planning and Digitalisation
  • Mineral Economics


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