Excursion Iran 2000

The field trip of the Institute open pit mining und drilling technology (BBK III) to Iran was made possible by preceding long lasting contacts with Mr. Professor Bassir, leader of the Isfahan University of Technology’s mining department. The participants were the professors Niemann-Delius (BBK III), Nienhaus (IMR) and Wotruba (AMR) as well as two scientific assistants of the BBK III and additional eight students.

Stops on the trip

Among others, following locations were visited during the trip:

  • Gold open pit Muteh – Isfahan
  • Lead-zinc open pit Irankuh
  • Lead-silver mine Nakhlak
  • Yazd – Bafq
  • Lead-zinc mine Kushk
  • Iron open pit Chogart
  • Kerman
  • Coal mine Babnizu
  • Copper open pit Sar Cheshmeh
  • Isfahan
  • Limestone quarry Pirbakran
  • Bauxite argillite mine Dopolan