Excursion Canada 2000

In 2000 the Institute of Mining Engineering I, together with 14 students and research assistants, undertook a field trip to Western Canada from September 5th to September 27th.


Stops on the trip

The following mining and research facilities as well as universities were visited during the field trip:

  • University of British Columbia, Department of Mining and Mineral Process Engineering (MMPE), Vancouver
  • Boliden Westmin Ltd., Myra Falls, lead-zinc subsurface mining
  • Quinsam Coal Corp., Quinsam, hard coal subsurface mining
  • Highland Valley Copper, open pit copper operation
  • B.C. Hydro, Mt.Revelstoke Hydroplant, hydro-electric power plant
  • Baymag Mines Co. Ltd., Mt. Brussilof Mine, Magnesite open pit mine
  • Cominco Ltd., Sullivan Mine, lead-zinc subsurface mining
  • Luscar Ltd., Line Creek Mine, hard coal open pit
  • Agrium Inc., Vanscoy Mine, potash subsurface mining
  • Cameco Corp., MacArthur River Mine, uranium open pit mining
  • Cameco Corp., Key Lake, uranium processing plant
  • Syncrude Canada Ltd., Fort McMurray, Oilsands operation
  • Miramar Mining Corp., Con Mine, gold subsurface mining
  • BHP Diamond Inc., Ekati Mine, diamond open pit mining


The dispatch of the fieldtrip gives a detailed overview of the visits, experiences and impressions made by the attendees during the fieldtrip.