Excursion Poland 2003

From September 7 – 20, 2003 the Institute of Mining Engineering I, along with 10 students and assistants, travelled to the West and South of Poland on a mining excursion. With a total of 14 visits to mines, industry suppliers, mining fairs and to universities on a approximately 1,300 km long route the excursion program mediated a representative view of the Polish mining industry and its environment.


Stops on the trip

As part of the excursion, the following mining companies, universities and industry supplier enterprises were visited:

  • Centrum Mechanizacji Górnictwa KOMAG, Gliwice
  • DBT Polska Sp. Z o.o., Myslowice
  • Elektrownia „Belchatów“ S.A., Belchatów
  • GONAR Spólka z o.o., Katowice
  • KGHM Plska Miedsz S.A., Lublin
  • Kopalnia Wegla Brunatnego (KWB) „Belchatów“ S.A., Belchatów
  • Kopalnia Wegla Kamiennego (KWK) „Staszic“, Katowice
  • Kopalnia Wegla Kamiennego (KWK) „Wujek“, Katowice
  • Wydzial Górnictwa i Geoinzynierii, Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza (Fakultät für Bergbau und Geoingenieurwesen, University of Science and Technology), Krákow
  • Wydzial Górnictwa i Geologii, Politechnika Slaska (Fakulät für Bergbau und Geowissenschaften, Schlesische Technische Universität), Gliwice
  • Wydzial Górniczy, Politechnika Wroclawska (Fakultät für Bergbau, TU Wroclaw), Wroclaw
  • Zaklady Górnicze „Trzebionka“ S.A., Trzebinia

In the excursion report you’ll find an extensive review of visits, experiences and impressions that the participants were able to gain during their stay in Poland.