The library of the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering is a reference library accessible to all employees. It was founded along with the Institute (October 1, 1880) and is constantly updated and supplemented with new acquisitions.

Currently, the library inventory includes about 10,000 monographs, among them serials such as „Aachener Beiträge zur Rohstofftechnik und -Wirtschaft“ („Aachen’s contributions to the raw materials technology and industry“) and „Aachen International Mining Symposia“, published by the Institute itself.

In addition, the library’s collection also includes 300 various national and international magazines. For about 30 of those, the Institute currently holds a subscription. Diverse statistics and annual reports from various national and international companies are also available

Literature can be accessed easily via electronic search engines. By using the software, you can search by keyword, author, title or topic.

Further questions related to our library are answered with pleasure by the library team.

Opening Hours

MRE Library (Room 226)

Opening hours:

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:

from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm