Since April 2019, the MRE owns a training simulator of mining equipment, which is based on digital twin technology. Digital twins are virtual images of real processes or machines. The exchange of data between real and digital twins has great potential in many areas, e.g. training of machine operators, improvement of product design, saving of prototypes, prognoses for predictive maintenance as well as use in remote support. At the MRE, virtual machine models are used to test extraction and loading processes under various influencing parameters. With the help of the MEVEA Motion Platform and the associated real-time simulation software, the machine’s movements are transmitted to the operator in real-time. Using VR goggles, the operator can plunge himself in the simulated 3D environment, creating a high degree of immersion.

The simulator is used in teaching and research in the following areas:

  • Realistic teaching contents and hands-on exercises
  • Performance analyses of mining equipment (e.g. loading capacity, fuel consumption)
  • Simulation of different operating conditions (e.g. soil properties, terrain inclination)