Dynamic Simulation Model in Mining


In the new global competitive market, industrial companies have been challenged to adapt new technologies and rethink their organizational concepts to improve their technical and economic efficiency. One way to enable better informed decision-making throughout the life of a project can be realized by simulation software. However, in the past, computer based simulation has not played a significant role in mining yet.

The potential of simulation as an operations research tool therefore became even more important in the last years. In cooperation with the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering, the Knauf Gips KG started to develop a simulation model based on the software “Plant Simulation” to ensure capital and operational efficiency.


Project goals

Mining is characterized by fluctuating cycle times and unpredictable events. Discrete event simulation (DES) modelling is a technique used to quantify the impact of stochastic and dynamic factors in a system where the requirements of representing mining processes are fully satisfied. Therefore a dynamic simulation model was developed to analyze and optimize the holistic mining supply chain based on DES. To achieve best possible ease-of-use, the simulation model has to be connected with a database, where all the required data are stored in.

Fast and simple parametrization and the development of integrated predefined structures are intended to lead to a universal applicability on a cross-project basis. Furthermore it is planned to connect Plant Simulation with a geological block model to enable simulation-based optimization of mine planning and scheduling relating to quality and operating costs.

To conclude, the main goal of the project will be the development of an universal simulation tool to ensure capital and operational efficiency, verify purchasing decisions, do risk management and to optimize mine planning and scheduling.

Key data

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