NOvel DUST suppressants for the Mongolian mining industry


The Mongolian mining industry is increasingly faced with the challenge of an effective reduction of the airborne particulate pollution within the mine and its surroundings. In addition to primary dust emitters (e.g. crusher and blasting), the abrasion of roadways and the erosion of mining surfaces (e.g. stockpile and tailings) make a substantial contribution to the generation of dust. A proven method to control this is the application of dust suppressants.

The ambition of the joint research project is to develop sustainable dust suppressants based on residual and waste substances from the Mongolian textile and agricultural industries.


The development of dust suppressants requires information regarding climate, soil characteristics and site-specific conditions. Analysing selected test areas (e.g. tailings, dumps) provide the basis for the research activities. In parallel, reagents for aerosol binding and applications methods are developed at a laboratory level.

To validate the laboratory results, field tests are conducted to analyse the modification of the test surfaces induced by reagents and to quantify the dust emissions. Here, the reagents are applied to a defined area of the test field based on the corresponding concept. In a final case study, the solutions are applied in practice and their effectiveness is determined. This serves for validation and is an essential basis for communicating the project results.


The project results support Mongolia’s sustainability development in several aspects. Progress in dust control based on scientific insights has the potential to improve the situation of air pollution, thus the quality of life of people living in Mongolia. Simultaneously, the manufacturing industry achieves economic benefits from the synergetic recycling of its residual substances and reduces the waste produced. The research findings in terms of application methods and effect of dust suppressants enhance dust control in general and support a sustainable application of water and reagents as aerosol binders.


Key Data

  • Level: International
  • Role: Leader
  • Partners: 2
  • Volume: 60,000 €
  • Duration: 6 months