Our curriculum is thematically focused on underground and surface mining and the sustainable development in the field of minerals and raw materials. Our lectures include the topics of mining method selection and mine planning, blasting, shaft sinking, mine ventilation, deep drilling technology, reserve modelling, as well as rock and soil mechanics.

In addition to these clearly technical courses, more economics orientated courses such as mineral economics and courses dealing with the environmental and social aspects of resource extraction, such as underground disposal of waste and sustainability in the extractive industries are held. Other courses offered by the staff of the MRE and by external partners of the minerals industry are on risk and technology management, soft skills and occupational health and safety.


The MRE offers a broad variety of courses for Mineral Resources Engineering and other degree programs of RWTH Aachen University.

Field Trips

The MRE offers excursions on a regular basis. Destinations in the last years were, among others, Canada, Poland, Sweden, England or Turkey.

Studying abroad

You want to go abroad? You come from abroad? Mineral resources engineering is an international field and offers diversified possibilities to gather intercultural experience.


A large part of the participants comes from the geo-scientific and natural resources programs of the Faculty of Geo Resources and Materials Science. For these students courses are offered in the above mentioned areas as introductory and advanced courses.

A wider spectrum of listeners follows the interdisciplinary classes for personal development, e.g. as non-technical elective courses in other engineering programs of the RWTH Aachen University.