European Mining Course (EMC)

Mining on an international level

You want to study abroad? You want to see life in foreign countries and their different habits together with meeting new people? Well, then you are on the right track here!

The European Mining Course (EMC) is a transnational master degree program organized by three European universities (Aalto University, RWTH Aachen, TU Delft).

Alongside with students of these three universities, there are numerous guests from Europe and from all over the world participating in the EMC to explore the international world of mining within their master studies.

Work hard, play hard

At Helsinki, Aachen and Delft you will gain a most differentiating insight into classes ranging from rock mechanics, sustainable development and marine mining to geo-statistics, project management and mineral economics.

Besides work, you will enjoy a great deal of leisure time. Finish sauna, Aachen`s hot wine punch, field trips, excursions and „Het Noorden“ is waiting for you as well as life in three different university-cities. The annual reunion enables you of socializing with the other FEMP courses and meeting people again you have travelled around Europe with for two years.

Am I eligible? Is there anything else?

The EMC primarily aims for Mining Engineers / Mineral Resources Engineers in the final stage of their bachelors course or graduate students.

Students in Mineral Processing or Environmental Engineering are eligible to apply for the European Mineral Engineering Course (EMEC). The processing of mineral resources and the recycling of secondary resources will be covered at Aachen, Helsinki and Wroclaw.

Without lecturing in Aachen, the European Geotechnical and Engineering Course (EGEC) combines geotechnical aspects of mining and its environmental impact including the decontamination of abandoned hazardous sites.