Vereinigung Aachener Bergakademiker


Alumni and more

The Vereinigung Aachener Bergakademiker (VAB) is a vivid and active Alumni-association of students and graduates of the department for raw materials and disposal engineering.

The association was founded in 1904 as „Bergmännische Vereinigung“ (mineworker association) and has its place of business at the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering, RWTH Aachen University.

The VAB enables a personal contact between the university, its graduates and current students. The members, at the moment about 600, consist of students and graduates, now working in various occupational categories. The association supports education and further training for all students and graduates of the department for raw materials and disposal engineering, particularly in terms of internships all around the world. The annual “Rundbrief”, the assocciation’s newsletter, keeps its members informed about the newest developments regarding the university, the department and the alumni association itself. Furthermore, students portray their experiences during internships abroad.

One of the particular meetings is the annual “Jahrestagung” (annual conference). It is an excellent opportunity for a vivid exchange of information, to hear top-class presentations from the field of mining or simply a good opportunity to visit Aachen and revive one’s student time. Within the Jahrestagung the top of the class student of the year achieves the “Carl-Hellmut-Fritzsche-Preis”, an award which beyond the special recognition is endowed with prize money of 2500 €. The money should serve the further education.

For students the membership is non-contributory.