Satellite remote sensing and ground truth data acquisition of European mine waste repositories


Secure and sustainable raw material extraction is of considerable importance both internationally and in the European region. At the same time, the European raw materials sector is characterized by a considerable total waste volume. To ensure safe raw material extraction as well as to strengthen the circular economy in terms of environmental compatibility of the European raw material industry, efficient use of secondary raw materials is essential. The registration of European mine waste forms the basis for this. Current databases for secondary raw materials contain incomplete information and are mostly limited to the national level. Therefore, there is an urgent need to record and characterize mine waste in a uniform and cost-effective manner using a time-saving method.


In the project, a novel and multivariate methodology for mine waste surveys will be developed. This methodology combines automated, multi- and hyperspectral remote sensing with on-site measurements using portable measurement devices such as pXRF or pLIBS. The developed methodology will be tested and optimized in pilot studies. Comprehensive mine waste data will be collected, analysed as well as managed through the collaboration of partners from various European countries. This will enable a holistic view of the European extractive sector and contribute to the development of a sustainable solution.


  • Establishment of a new long-term cooperation between a multilateral scientific and economic project consortium à European SatMine-Consortium
  • Development of a European standardized and cost-efficient satellite remote sensing method for data collection of mining residues
  • Preparation and submission of a project proposal to an appropriate EU funding call


      Work packages

The project includes the following four work packages:

      WP 1: network building

      WP 2: workshops and pilot studies

      WP 3: basic research for EU-research project

      WP 4: preparation of the EU-proposal

Key data

  • Level: national
  • Role: Project leader
  • Partners: 2
  • Volume: 120.000 €
  • Duration: 2 years


Technical University of Crete

Geological Survey of Slovenia


Project funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

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