New Safe and Cost Effektive Techniques against Asbestos Risk in Build and Industrial Infrastructures

Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber that was used in more than 3,000 products due to its outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance. However, the problem with this material is its decomposition into respirable fibers, which might cause lung cancer and asbestosis after an incubation period of 15 – 20 years, if inhaled in high concentration. For this reason, the use of asbestos is completely prohibited in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1993.


What´s left are environmentally hazardous contamination in buildings, industrial plants and in industrial products, which correspond to each other together to an area of 10 million m2.

The aim of the EU-funded research project „SAFE“ is to develop a cost-efficient decontamination concept that protects both employees and the environment. With seven partners from Belgium, Britain, France, Poland and Germany the following points are researched at the Institute of Mining Engineering I (BBkI):

  • Study of the flow behavior in laboratory scale
  • Modeling of contaminated air streams in the decontamination area
  • Development of a software solution to simulate the air flow and fiber concentration


Key data

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