Euclideon Holographics - Hologram Table

The Hologram Table from the company Euclideon uses a patented technology to create interactive holograms that appear real, but you can move your hand through them. By combining multiple projectors, this technology allows complex, high-resolution 3D models to be projected onto the table surface, which are then visualized in 3D using holo-glasses and a motion-tracking system. Several users can interact simultaneously with the holograms and analyze, discuss and understand the displayed content holistically in a collaborative, explorative process. In parallel, other users can follow the events on a screen (2D beamer projection of the hologram). The projected holograms can be interactive animated 3D models, up to 124 TB CAD models or even laser scans of complete cities. This technology is used for future-oriented university teaching to provide a better spatial understanding of complex 3D structures. As a consequence, completely new possibilities arise for the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE) in terms of achievable learning objectives and use cases.

Technical Equipment

  • Hologram table: 2164 mm x 2164 mm x 640 mm (B x L x H)
  • Screen size: 2,4 m x 2,2 m
  • Screen resolution: 2560 x 1440 3D
  • 4x Vivitek DW770UST projectors
  • Stereo speakers
  • 4x Euclideon Holographics viewing glasses and Tracked control wands
  • “Audience View”- TV
  • Software: HoloPro, Present Holograpfic Viewer-Software, Reality Capture, Unity