A growing world population and increased expectations for higher levels of prosperity lead to demand growth for mineral resources. Consequently, humanity is faced with the challenge of providing a secure supply of mineral raw materials that have been extracted using socially and environmentally responsible and economically viable production processes.

The complex relationship of sustainable raw material extraction and distribution requires creative solutions through inter- and multidisciplinary research.

Such research is pursued by the Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering (MRE) and its team, comprising young graduates and experienced researchers with core competencies in resource extraction, business and mineral economics, ore deposit geology, environmental geochemistry and geo-resources management. Our main research interests in both open pit and underground mining are:


Currently, MRE is involved in three EU projects. Additionally, the MRE currently runs several DFG-, institutionally- and industrially supported projects, which deal with the dynamic simulation of extraction processes or the development of an evaluation system for sustainable deposit usage.


Mining research in Aachen has been active for more than 100 years. Here you can inform yourself about our most recently finalized projects.


The MRE has a modern research infrastructure available. Besides maintaining a ventilation laboratory and a library, our research is supported by mobile measurement devices and modern software.

Fields of Expertise

Research and educational activities of the MRE cover the whole value chain of extraction and supply of mineral resources. Our experience comprises three research fields:

Geological analysis enables us to understand and ecologically and economically evaluate mineral deposits. Another field covers established mining fields, such as the efficient development of mineral deposits and the sustainable exploitation of mineral resources. Furthermore, we deal with specific challenges, such as health and safety, commodity markets, mining wastes and environmental issues.

For carrying out its excellent research and services, the MRE is equipped with stationary and portable analytical devices. Additionally, the institute has software available for planning, modelling and process optimization.