A good spatial imagination, facilitated by the visualisation of content in 3D, is essential for studying mining. At RWTH Aachen University, a virtual underground mining environment, the VR-Mine, was developed in cooperation with EIT RawMaterials and further developed and made usable for teaching in the follow-up project MyScore. The VR mine is based on a real scheelite deposit in Mittersill, Austria, which has been producing tungsten since 1975. The VR-Mine is now an integral part of the curriculum in the M. Sc. degree programme European Mining Course (EMC) as well as in two Bachelor’s degree programmes in raw materials engineering. It allows students to virtually explore an underground mine and promotes spatial process understanding, as well as cooperative and self-directed learning through the immersive experience. The use of virtual reality provides a safe environment to gain practical experience. For this reason, there is also a special focus on the topic of mine safety, as this topic is particularly suitable for VR applications and is an essential part of the training of raw materials engineers. Students can deal with mine safety issues in the VR mine and are made aware of safety risks. Hazard assessments and safety-conscious behaviour are emphasised. The students are thus better prepared for possible safety risks in underground mining. Through interactive and playful learning, interest in the topic is aroused and the contents are better internalised. Other important contents are mine ventilation and the drilling and blasting cycle. The VR mine allows students to explore different scenarios and make decisions in a risk-free environment. They are supported by experienced lecturers who provide individual feedback and guidance. By using the VR-Mine in teaching, students are actively involved in the learning process and gain practical skills that prepare them for their future careers in mining. Overall, the integration of the VR-Mine into teaching significantly expands the possibilities of mining studies and provides students with an innovative and immersive learning experience. They can develop their knowledge and skills in a realistic environment while benefiting from the advantages of virtual learning.